West Coast Expansion

We are thrilled to announce the opening of an LA office to support LIDD’s growing west coast client base.  We are particularly pleased to serve the many food producers, manufacturers and distributors in southern California.  The new site will provide additional support to LIDD’s US client base for the company’s core work of infrastructure design and warehouse software system selection & implementation.

LIDD’s efforts are all in the service of helping companies across North America optimize the buildings, equipment and systems that make their supply chains run.  We do this through:

  • Facility Design and Implementation
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Information Technology

For more information on how LIDD can help your organization boost productivity please feel free to contact us or check our website.


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Our client base is expanding rapidly across North America.  To serve our west coast clients, we have to be there. Opening a US office is a natural next step for LIDD as we continue to serve more and more US-based clients.

Charles Fallon LIDD, Principal

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